Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marina - Blue Kyanite and Lapis lazuli earrings in oxidized sterling silver. Handmade wire wrapped jewelry by Arctida.

The July is just around the corner and we are still waiting for the *real* summer here in Sweden. It has been very cold and rainy June and I cant wait for my vacation to start so that me and my family can finally fly to Greece, Yay! I'm longing for the beautiful warm sea and lazy afternoons under the sun on the beach... and so while I'm waiting (its only a couple of weeks left) I've made a pair of earrings inspired by the Mediterranean sea :)

So here is my new creation: Marina - Kyanite and Lapis lazuli earrings wire wrapped in oxidized sterling silver.

Marina - for sale in my Arctida, DaWanda and Etsy shop


Oksana Ignatova said...

как всегда, Очень красивые!

DemyBlackDesign said...

Lovely blue color!

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