Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New colorful handforged wire wrapped earrings in 14K gold filled and Argentium sterling silver

-->I’ve been working a lot lately! Totally swamped at my regular job (I work with cancer research at Karolinska Institute here in Stockholm, Sweden) with deadlines for presentations and applications and so on, and so on… I also got a couple of complicated custom orders from Russia, which I’m very happy about but off course they also take a lot of time. And on top everything we’re redecorating our home :) Which is a lot of fun, but takes forever!

Anyway, I tried to be a good girl and squeezed in a couple of new pieces in Spring colors :) So here are my freshly made pretties:

Hedera - Green Onyx and Peridot geometric earrings in 14K Gold Filled

Nika - Pumpkin Orange Smooth Chalcedony earrings in 14K Gold Filled

Catalina - Ametrine and Argentium Sterling Silver hoops earrings

They're already in my Etsy shop and just waiting for their new owner!


Kim said...

So interesting reading about the institute, thanks for providing the link! Sounds like they really do amazing work, it must be wonderful to be involved in that. And I love your new earrings! Each one is so different from the next, but all of them are just gorgeous. Your jewelry work is inspiring, and your regular job sounds to be as well. Thank you for sharing them both. :)

Arctida said...

Thank you so much, Kim! I love my "day" job! It is very stressful and makes me scream from frustration sometime :) usually when experiments go wrong, but very stimulating and rewording at the same time! Karolinska is one of the best Medical Universities in Europe and there is always something new and exciting being published around here! They truly do an amazing job, I agree!
as for my jewelry, it is my way to relax :) There is no better way to put my mind at peace when to sit down in front of TV and start playing around with wire and all those wonderful colored gems :)

Kim said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to say you love your job?! :) I've had a couple like that as well. Helping people in some capacity has always been tops on my list as far as work. But you really do need to take some "me" time, especially in work like that. Making my jewelry has quite literally kept me out of some very deep depressions, so I'm right w/ you on it providing peace of mind! Hope you enjoy your day! :)

SocksAndMittens said...

I love every single piece! Wonderful colors!

hello gorgeous said...

these are gorgeous pieces! Even though I don't like the colour orange I love the first goes SO well with the gold filled... :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

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