Monday, June 30, 2008

Ituralde - Apatite, Peridot and White Topaz wire wrapped coiled chandelier style earrings in oxidized Sterling Silver OOAK

Here is one of my latest designs (Ituralde), after making all those lime+teal/turquoise treasuries, I wanted to make some earrings with the same colors. Lately I've been using treasuries as a training grounds for the color combo try outs. I think it turned out pretty bright and sunny, just the way I had imagined it :)


karlita said...

Congrats on a beautiful frontpage - and thanks for featuring my scarf :)

ixela said...

Thank you so much again for including my bracelet in your stunning selection and thanks a lot for the FP!!!

Your new earrings are really adorable... great color combo and lovely design!!!

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