Monday, July 7, 2008

My latest creations

I'm in love with the vines :) I mean wire vines, although I do like the grape ones too :) So lately I've been experimenting with different shapes. I have already posted a couple of designs (Kiena and Neda) with the vines and here are my latest ones (Niolle och Domani)

and I have taken my first picture with a model! My hubby's pretty cousin has graciously agreed to model for me, and if you look close there are vines there too :)


ixela said...

Great lovely new earrings Arctida!... nice design and wonderful colors!!!
Thanks for your kind words my dear friend!!!

PA said...

these are beautiful! and love your 3 column blog :)

limonada said...

I love your jewelry, it's so elegant!


ThePeachTree said...

I will forever be in awe of your work!

waterwaif said...

Just beautiful!

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