Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekly challenge’s winner!

As those of you who’ve read my blog probably already know, our Our European Street Team has been having weekly challenges and this week *surprise, surprise* I'm the WINNER! (drawn by ArtMind at random).

Here is my entry that won the theme "Cute": Fiore Grazioso - Aqua Quartz, Copper and Pearl necklace. The name means
"Cute flower" in Italian :)

The whole point of the weekly challenge is to motivate us to create new things and I’m glad I’ve participated this time (duh!), it “made” me try completely new style, new techniques, new materials and on top of everything I won! Woohoo!
Since I’m the boss of this week the new theme will be … “Science Fiction”! I can't wait to see what my team will come up with :)


TinaA said...

congrats, Arctida!

twolefthands said...

Congratulations arctida, that is a beautiful piece and so delecate!

creationsbyeve said...

congrats Arctida :)

jealousydesign said...

that item is so beautiful!

and you have been tagged! :)

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