Sunday, June 1, 2014

Odaia - Fine silver jewelry Keshi pearl earrings. Handmade artisan jewelry by Arctida

As I mentioned earlier, lately I've been working a lot with PMC (Precious Metal Clay). I love working with PMC, it is such a versatile medium, there no limits of what you can do with it :) and it is mainly composed of recycled silver particles so it feels good to make something Eco-friendly. I have tons of projects in my head and in my sketchbook so I’ll be posting more pieces in the near future.

So here is my latest creation - Fine silver earrings with Keshi pearls (Keishi pearls). 

Oh and on this picture you get a glimpse on the working process, this is the fine silver ovals during *production* :)

Odaia - for sale in my Arctida and Etsy shop  


DemyBlackDesign said...

They are just amazing! Love the color!

Katrinshine said...

Lovely earrings!

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