Monday, January 29, 2024

Handmade trinket dish Abstract home decor Glass ring dish Tea light holder

My latest passion involves crafting fused glass trinket dishes and tea light holders. They provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with new techniques without the risk of wasting too much glass in case of any mishaps. Allow me to share my latest creation with you.

In this piece, I combined Bullseye's Petrified Wood with Robin's Egg Blue glass. Together, these two colors produced an astonishing chemical reaction that I had heard a lot about and couldn't resist trying for myself. The melding of Bullseye's Petrified Wood, known for its rich, earthy tones reminiscent of ancient wood turned to stone, with the delicate and soothing hue of Robin's Egg Blue, resulted in a captivating interplay of colors.

The heat of the kiln brought these elements together, giving rise to a mesmerizing dance of swirls and patterns on the surface of the glass. The outcome turned my humble trinket dish into a true work of art, capturing the essence of nature's wonders in a compact form.

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